Terms & Conditions

The purpose of Terms and Conditions is to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of both parties. To secure a booking you are asked to pay a 10% deposit and sign a booking contract. It is taken that you agree to our Terms and Conditions on payment of your non-refundable deposit regardless of how and by whom the deposit is paid. No third party shall have any right to enforce its terms. If only one person is to make the wedding booking, they must confirm that he/she has the authority to make the booking on behalf of both persons intending to be married. Our contract will therefore be with both such persons. If someone else is making payments on your behalf (such as a parent), we are happy to accept such payments but please note you are legally responsible for the settlement of any money owed to Avalen Farm. Please note we can only take instruction from the persons booking, unless an alternative person has been nominated and Avalen has been notified in writing.


Confirmation of booking and payment terms

A non refundable deposit of 10% is required to secure a booking up to two years in advance. We can “save the date” if you are looking to book more than two years in advance, until your 10% deposit is due. We ask for a further 30% deposit 6 months before your wedding date and full payment is due a month before. Your final payment can be refunded if another booking is found for your dates. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT @ 20%. If you are unable to settle your invoices within the time scale, this may result in the cancellation or postponement of your wedding at Avalen Farm. If your wedding has to be cancelled, it is your sole responsibility to ensure Avalen has received notification in writing.



You will be liable for any damage, theft or breakages caused by you, your guests or third party contractors, unintentionally or otherwise. You must obtain wedding insurance, including public liability cover. Public liability insurance offers accidental damage to the contents of Avalen Farm or any of the bridal party or guests which is proven to have been damaged by the wedding attendees and bodily injuries as a result of the bridal partys’ mismanagement and negligence of the event. Proof of your insurance must be shown on payment of your settlement fee a month before your wedding. Avalen Farm will not be responsible for any loss or damage, or for any injury to persons not caused through the fault of Avalen. Personal belongings, vehicles, accessories and contents are left at the owners risk unless they are covered by your personal insurance.

https://www.restormelinsuranceservices.com/contact-us/ Just one company who can offer wedding insurance. its not compulsory to go with them, just a suggestion…


Fireworks and Chinese lanterns

We regret that fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not permitted. We do allow sparklers.


Notifying your Celebrant and the Registrar

All arrangements and legal matters relating to your wedding ceremony are your sole responsibility. A registrar requires four weeks’ notice and for non-UK passport holders you must allow at least three months for the relevant paperwork and visas to be in place.

To help cope with demand, Registrars are offering services 7 days a week and special twilight ceremonies. Contact your local registrar via https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/advice-and-benefits/weddings-in-cornwall/contact-us/ For registrar prices follow the link: https://www.cornwall.gov.uk/advice-and-benefits/cornwall-registration-service/cornwall-registration-service-fees/ceremony-fees/. There are a number of celebrants who can help make your ceremony bespoke and personal, making your day extra special. Both registrars and celebrants can conduct renewing of your vows and naming ceremonies.


Third party suppliers

You are responsible for all arrangements, confirmation and payment of all external suppliers. You are responsible for any damage they may cause at Avalen Farm and ensuring they have appropriate liability insurance in place. We cannot guarantee our kitchen is free from trace elements of any allergen. Avalen Farm does not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or to items one may come into contact with, while eating on the premises. It is your responsibility to ensure the kitchens are left as they are found. There will be an excess cleaning charge imposed if we need to contract cleaners in to bring the kitchens back to their clean state. If we recommend any food suppliers we do not take any responsibility for the products they provide, nor take any responsibility for their actions or professionalism. Under no circumstances can your wedding guests bring their own alcohol to consume on the premises. We reserve the right to refuse the sale, service or supply of alcohol to anybody exhibiting drunken or disorderly behaviour.


Occupancy Numbers

In accordance with our licence, your guest numbers must not exceed the number you have paid for. We cater for intimate weddings (1 day hire) for up to 20 guests maximum; Intimate weddings (1 day hire) for up to 60 guests, 3 day midweek weddings up to 80 day guests and 50 evening guests and 3 day weekend weddings , 80 day guests and 50 evening guests. Additional guests will be refused entry.

The Cart House at Avalen can accommodate up to 5 people and the sole use of Tor View at Corgee Farm is for a maximum 28 guests. You will be charged £100 per person per night for additional guests staying in our accommodation. Any damage or excess cleaning will be charged for.

On your wedding day, carriages must arrive by 11 pm to take your guests home. Guests staying at Tor View will be collected by mini bus. The first mini bus will arrive at 10.45 pm to return 15 people and it will return as soon as possible to collect the remaining guests. Guests cars may be left in the car park at Avalen Farm, but must be collected by noon the following day. No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to vehicles, or contents, left over night.



You must book and pay for your own celebrant or Registrar. Whilst Avalen is awaiting their Civil Service registration certificate a Celebration Service can be booked with the registrar’s office which can then be changed to a Civil Service once the building works have ceased.