Our Journey

Before & After Photos Of Building Works

The courtyard April 2020
After Photo Courtyard
The courtyard 12 months later
Before Photo Two Ton Granite Centre Piece For Bar.
After Photo Big, bold, Bull's Pen bar.
Before Photo New doors and windows needed throughout.
The first window goes in Nov 2020
Before Photo Honeymoon Suite
The former Carthouse will be transformed into a honey moon suite
Granite steps now take you up to the accommodation
The derelict courtyard in 2020
The courtyard takes shape June 2021
All the old roofs had to be removed
New Slate Roofs
The walls were raised, exposing the amazing lintels
This section of the courtyard will be the kitchens
After Photo Kitchens
The kitchens will be fully equipped
This precarious shed had to be removed
Creating a new entrance
This will be the entrance archway to the courtyard
After Photo Archway To Courtyard
The archway will link the courtyard to the lawns
This is the back of the Bull's Pen Bar and ceremony room
The Bull's Pen Bar takes shape early 2021
ceremonny A
The ceremony room was once filled with rubble
Ceremony Room
The spacious ceremony room will seat 120 people
The toilets were once cattle stalls
Genuine rocks create toilet sinks to talk about!
Grand windows in the Big Barn
The Wedding breakfast Big Barn
Honeymoon suite ensuite Roman bath
New carved rocks in the toilets
Before Photo Kitchens
These barns will be the kitchens
After Photo Kitchens
You will be able to choose your own caterers
Before Photo Former Cart House
The large bifolding doors lead out into a private walled garden
Before Photo Beams
All the roof trusses were allowed to stay
After Photo Beams
The exposed beams create character in all the courtyard buildings
Before Photo Without WIndows
All the doors and windows had to be replaced
After Photo New Handcrafted Windows
Local joiners created the new one
Before Photo Garden Filled With Concrete
The gardens were once concrete and farm buildings
Autumn 2021 the lawns were seeded
Planting a field of wild flowers in front of the venue.
A Tree Will Be Planted After Each Wedding Held