Eco Friendly

Keeping It Green

With more and more people conscious about the environmental impact of a wedding, Avalen makes every effort to reduce the carbon footprint. We try to use renewable energy sources and minimise and recycle waste from all events at the venue.


Never taking our beautiful countryside for granted, we are continually working hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The natural beauty of Avalen Farm and the surrounding land is obvious for all to see and thats how we want to retain it for the future. Formerly part of the Lanhydrock Estate, it has never been intensively farmed, looked after by the same family for generations. This has resulted in the farm being rich in wildlife habitat and the 17th century buildings themselves being considered by conservationists as outstanding examples of an early farmstead.


The farm is surrounded by areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Special Areas of Conservation and is under the shadow of the neolithic site, Helman Tor, one of Cornwall’s wildlife gems. We have put many bird and bat boxes around the barns and put in bat tiles to encourage roosting. The outside lighting is restricted to subtle and low to make as little an impact on the birds and animals as possible.


As part of our commitment to the planet, we are planning to plant a tree to commemorate each event held at the Farm. You are welcome to make this planting a part of your wedding ceremony or we will plant the tree for you. Trees have always had a special place in the hearts of the Celtic people, forming part of religious activities and philosophy. Touching a tree was regarded both as a mark of respect and a plea for good fortune. With an ancient orchard and two wooded areas already on the farm, it only seemed apt to name the wedding venue, Avalen which comes from the Cornish dialect meaning apple trees. This ceremony will not only help us to reach our ultimate goal to be 100% carbon neutral, but will help ensure the future of native tree species.


The little things add up and every effort is made to make, and encourage, as many small environmental changes as we can.

Avalen encourages the use of local suppliers and seasonal produce. A* rated buildings to ensure energy efficiency. Solar panels. Log burners in the dining room fuelled by locally seasoned dried wood. Low energy LED lighting. Low impact external lighting not to discourage the wildlife. Recycle everything possible. No single use plastic cups, bottles or straws.

We offer water in glass bottles that are sent for recycling. Only biodegradable confetti is permitted and the use of dried flowers is encouraged. Our dishwasher uses recycled water. Local accommodation encouraged to reduce travelling. Mini bus service for guests staying in our accommodation at Corgee Farm.